The Saint Lucas family is reading through the Bible chronologically.


This reading plan strives to place the biblical books and events in approximate chronological order. Some readings may seem to duplicate each other. The Holy Spirit inspired the writers to often give a slightly different point of view of the same events. By grouping them together, the reader can more easily see the similarities and differences.

Each week we read about ten chapters. There are many different ways one can go about this reading plan. 

  • You could read all ten chapters in one sitting on the first day of the week, making notes about the things that stand out to you the most. The rest of the week you could spend meditating on and digging deeper into those verses that you noted on day one. 
  • You could read, study, and think about one chapter or section of reading per day.
  • You could plan to regularly get together with a group of friends to talk about what you are reading and the insights you have gained from your study of God’s Word. 

Weekly emails with links to the Scripture readings and suggested study resources are sent on Monday mornings. Email a request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to be added to the emailing list. You can join in any time; simply start with the current Scripture reading and go forward with the Saint Lucas family from there. 

Experiment to develop a daily habit of special time in God’s presence that works for you. God promises to bless us in countless ways through any time we spend with Him. 


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